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Latest News - Stonehenge


Stonehenge-Amesbury-Wilts-010Stonehenge was built on Solstice axis, dig confirms

English Heritage excavations show site has nothing to do with sun worshipping, and find evidence circle was once complete. English Heritage says it has discovered a "missing piece in the jigsaw" in our understanding of Stonehenge, England's greatest prehistoric site. Excavations along the ancient processional route to the monument have confirmed the theory that it was built along an ice age landform that happened to be on the solstice axis.

Read more in the Guardian article

Slaughtered bodies stripped of their flesh - a gruesome glimpse of Iron-Age massacre at UK's largest hill fort

Hundreds if not thousands stripped of their flesh and chopped up, say archaeologists. Excavations in Somerset have revealed a gruesome glimpse of Iron Age Britain.

Read more in the Independent article

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